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Charcoal Drawings Art

Charcoal Drawings Art

In this page i would like to show you some of my charcoal drawings art and different techniques.  But what style and which technique you choose for yourself is totally up to you.  You should be experiencing any technique you like, to find out which style or technique suits you the best.

Charcoal is apparently the oldest medium of the Art creation.  We can find old, ancient charcoal drawings all around the world, generally called “Cave Art” or “Rock Art”.  It was the first medium after the Man discovered fire.  Some of these Rock Arts could be a thousands of years old.  It’s quiet impressive that a human kind was interested in the art ever since.  Probably the most famous place where you can find the biggest concentration of the Rock Art is known as Matotbo Hills, Africa.

But for now lets not talking about the history, but about the actual charcoal art.

Charcoal is one of my favorite medium when it comes down to drawing art.  The various ways of charcoal drawing are almost limitless.  You can do quick a few minutes sketches, portraits, landscapes or even have someone to pose for you.  Or either way, you can do nice and precise charcoal drawings.  You can bring your sketchpad everywhere you go to be always ready for catch some moments in your life. You can do quick sketches and then finish them in your home or atelier.

There are also several types of charcoal differentiated by it’s hardness and color.  You can also choose if you prefer natural charcoal or synthetic charcoal.

Now, i would like to show you some of my recent quick charcoal drawings.  Some of them took me to finish them a few minutes, some a few hours.  But the lenght of time didn’t exceed 2.5 hours.

Of course, as more experienced you are as faster you are.

My Charcoal Drawings

Chaotic Lines

Chaotic Lines


We start with this. What we see is a typical example of chaotic lines.  I wanted to show you this as an example how you should try out how exactly the charcoal works and behaves on paper.

Just take a piece of paper and start to be drawing lines in any kind of way and angel.  Try different holding techniques, hold your charcoal straight in order to draw sharp and extant lines, or hold the charcoal flat to achieve thick and lines with shades.  This has been done in a matter of a few seconds.

Abstract Charcoal Drawing

Abstract Charcoal Drawing


Now, this is what i mean when you use different ways of holding charcoal.  This has been dome by holding the charcoal in the flat position by leading your hand in different angles and ways.

Then you just do the hatching and blurring using your fingers.  As you can see on this example i have already done blurring on the right side of the charcoal drawing but on the left it’s not done yet.  But it’s not mandatory to always use blurring or hatching technique on your charcoal drawings.  It’s all up to the Artist what he chooses.  This is 5 minutes study.

Abstract Charcoal Drawing without Blurring

Abstract Drawings


This abstract drawing is giving a perfect example where i didn’t use blurring at all.

This is 1 minute abstract drawing study.



Charcoal Drawing of Physique

Charcoal Drawing of Physique


This drawing has been done by using both techniques with hatching and blurring.  Although, it’s not so perfect example of good drawing of physique as there are a few mistakes in the body proportions.

But it’s good to know about your mistakes, so you can avoid of them on your next master piece.

Study your drawings, look at them from different angles, under different light spectrum.  Look at them a few times a day, to notice any kind of detail that you might overlooked before.

If you can do all of this you are on the good way to become an Artist!




Charcoal Drawings Art